Money, Power, and Greed

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I just ran across this video. What is amazing is that it tells a pretty accurate story of what is happening in America in 30 minutes. Too bad Washington isn't getting the message.

The American Dream Film [30:34]

Banking Industry

I like Niall Ferguson video "Ascent of Money", because it steps you through the history of the banking industry. So much for the "old" rule-of-thumb for the banking industry: 3-6-3. Pay 3% on saving accounts, collect %6 on bank loans, and be on the golf course by 3:00pm.

All the rest of the videos are just disturbing... but eye opening.

The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson [4:00:15]

Crash - How The Banks Went Bust 2009 [47:47] How the Banks Never Lose [45:00]

crash-how-long-will-it-last how-the-banks-won-2010
Crash - How Long Will It Last [45:00] How the Banks Won 2010 [44:26]

The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse 2010

meltdown meltdown
Meltdown - The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse 2010 Part 1 [44:58]

Meltdown -  Part 2 [44:55]
meltdown meltdown
Meltdown - Part 3 [45:00]
Meltdown - Part 4 [44:59]

Economic Crisis Deepens

Boy, if you don't want to sleep tonight listen to the following two videos by Richard Wolff. There is also the radio interview "Crisis by Design" that might make you think twice.

Why the Economic Crisis Deepens - Richard Wolff

Capitalism Hits the Fan - Richard Wolff [1:45:08]

Collapse of the Stock Market

What can I say... this is a very scary concept and yet a very real possibility!

The Day the Dollar Died Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One
The Day the Dollar Died [10:00] Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One | Peter Schiff [1:26:16]

America will collapse.
Bloomberg report of 8 Trillion dollars [1:39]

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