Compassion, or the Lack Of

Originally I was going to put videos of people who profit off the misery of others under "Conspiracy Theories", then under "Free Press or Propaganda". But finally I decided to create a new menu!

Lack of Compassion

Note: A lot of the videos from BBC, CNN and other news agencies can't easily be played directly. I had a choice to spend my time trying to figure out a different video player, or to keep collecting videos to help expose these frauds. I chose to expose the frauds. So please use the scroll bars to center the videos when you bring up the video window.

Over the last five years the UK, US and other countries have written off billions of dollars in loans to the world's poorest countries in an attempt to make poverty history.
But a small group of ruthless financiers - the vulture funds - have been trying to divert that money into their own pockets. Greg Palast reports on their latest target, Liberia, and on moves by UK MPs, prompted in part by a previous Newsnight investigation, to outlaw such funds.

On the trail of the vultures picking over Liberia's debt
The battle to kill off the vulture funds [9:27]

Compassionate people

04.01.2011. 17:11

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